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Dear Ming of


Look how far you’ve come since that challenging period in early 2024.

Your resilience and strength during those tough times laid the foundation for where you are now.

Remember, each step, no matter how small, was crucial in this journey. 

Keep embracing your path with courage and heart.

The Families of Tamale, Ghana

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Ming of


As you continue on your journey, remember the power of patience and persistence. 

The challenges you’ve faced have only added depth to your character and clarity to your vision. 

Keep nurturing your talents and sharing your unique light with the world.

Meet Dutch Bird, The Superstar of Rotterdam skies!

To Ming in


Reflect on the connections and experiences that have shaped you. 

Your journey isn’t just about personal growth but also about the lives you touch along the way. 

Cherish these relationships, for they are integral to your story.

From Zero to One: A Story of Growth Told Through Hair

Dear Ming of


By now, you’ve seen how change is the only constant. 

Embrace it. 

Let it be a source of inspiration and creativity. 

Remember, every change has brought unexpected opportunities and lessons. 

Stay open and adaptable.

A portrait of a Ghanian Kitten

Ming in


As you edge closer to the prophesized year, remember to stay grounded in the present. 

It’s the small moments of joy, love, and creativity that make the journey worthwhile. 

Keep finding beauty in the everyday.

Awaken Buddha : Story of Love and Second Chances

Ming in


Look back at your path with pride. 

The ups and downs have all been part of a larger tapestry, weaving together a story of resilience, creativity, and growth. 

Continue to trust in your journey and the timing of your life.

A Journey to Haji & Ellen's Permaculture Haven in Northern Ghana

Ming of


As you stand on the brink of what you believe to be a pivotal year, hold onto the wisdom you’ve gathered.

You’ve learned so much about yourself, your art, and the world. 

Continue to trust in your journey and the timing of your life.

Wild Women

To the Ming in


The year you’ve been envisioning. 

Remember, success is not just in recognition but in the fulfillment and joy you find in your work. 

As the world recognizes babypro, stay true to the essence of who you are and what you create. 

This is just the beginning of a new chapter.

Interactive Slides Template

Seungmee Lee

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